What Kind of Leader Are You?

Have you ever wondered what your leadership style is? Leaders have varying styles to how they manage team members and employees, from being iron fisted to micromanaging to almost absent. This quiz will let you know how you lead your … Continued

What Motivates You?

What is it that makes you want to wake up on a morning? What keeps you going even when you want to give up? Take this quiz to find out what motivates you. (make sure to answer the questions in … Continued

How Do You Deal with Customers?

Working with customers can be quite the experience. Some are pleasant, and others, not so much. But do you know how you deal with them? Is your body language ok? Are you patient? Do you smile? Take this quiz to … Continued

Which Billionaire CEO are You Most Like?

Have you ever wondered which CEO billionaire you have the most in common with? Which one you dress like, prefer your coffee like or dress like? Well this quiz will let you know whether you’re a Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, … Continued

Do you have the secret to success?

Do you know what it takes to be successful? It is certainly true that there is not just one secret of success; there are very many different factors which, when combined together, result in different levels of success for different … Continued

What is Your Dream Job?

Have you ever wondered what it is that you were meant to do? What you always wanted to become, but have lost track of? This quiz will analyze different aspects of your life thus far, your interests, wants, and needs, … Continued

Are You in the Right Job?

This quiz will give you an idea on whether you should rethink the career path that you have chosen. (make sure to answer the questions in the order they appear)

Are You a Workaholic or Leisure Centric Quiz

Do you love working, or love having time off? This quiz helps you see more clearly what you prefer, working or leisure time. There is no right or wrong answer, each answer helps you learn about yourself. (make sure to … Continued

Which Superhero’s Job Would You Get?

We’ve all done the quizzes to find out which superhero we would be, or which superhero we have the most in common with. But what about their day jobs? From photographers, to scientists to teachers, this quiz puts a different … Continued

Career Interests Quiz

Find out what career areas you have the most interest in by answering these questions. (make sure to answer the questions in the order they appear)

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